how to secure canoe from front?

going on a trip this weekend but the route we want to do is 40km away from the rental site.

I don’t have a roof rack but I have blocks.

I can secure the canoe with 2 straps from the back doors and the front doors but will this be enough?

The tow straps or hooks on the car don’t exist and the only place to get them from is a volvo dealer - none nearby. They take eyelets.

I could make some sort of metal wire strap plus hook on the back to hold it but not the front.

how about two ropes/end tying onto
the straps or additional ropes(which are tying gunwales/blocks down tightly). Tie the end ropes up near the doors(or if weather is good…inside through and out the other side)…if not causing possible damage.


This is what you need…

If you need them right away, you can make your own. Should be able to find a grommet kit and web strap at any outdoor store, maybe even a hardware store.

You remove the furthest front bolt from your fender just under the hood and run that through the grommet, back into it’s place. One on each side, so you can triangulate. The strap loops just stick out through the gap between the hood and fender. When not in use - just fold the straps under the hood.

Open the hood
Find a cross brace or equal on either side of the radiator. Pass a rope under it and tie it in a loop long enough to come out from under the hood when you close it.

Then take another rope and tie it to the loop on one side. Then feed it up and through the carry thwart (or equal) at the bow of the canoe. Then make a wrap around the carry thwart and then tie the other end to the other loop.

Make them taught, but not overly tight

jack L

different approach
I have the webbing loops attached to bolts method

but that is a “permanent” solution, as I carry boats a lot.

if you want a quicker fix, just get some one inch tubular webbing (REI, hardware stores, boat shops, climbing shops) - take a 12" or so length, bend in half and tie the two ends into an overhand knot - set in place so that when the hood is closed, the knot will hold the loop in place.

no matter which method, you will want to put a piece of soft cloth (like a piece of old t-shirt) between the webbing and the vehicle to keep the paint from getting scratched up - it should stay in place when you put tension on that bow rope.

This thread reminded me…
…that I still needed to rig the fender straps described above on my latest canoe hauler. For less than $10 at my nearest outdoor supply store, I got enough strap and grommets to rig at least a dozen vehicles - including the tools to install the grommets (I lost my old one).

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