how to secure floatation in the bow?

Hi, well I finally did it, I bought a P&H Orca 14. But I think I need to put a floatation bag in the bow since it has no hatch there. I found the floatation bags at the local outfitters but forgot to ask, how do you fasten them in there to make sure they wouldn’t just float out if you capsized? I don’t see anything I could fasten it to.

You could always glue in a couple of D-rings in the bow and attach the float bags to the rings. That would be a cheap and easy solution.

Same question
My wife has a Neckie Looksha sport with no bow hatch. I was given the same answer when I asked. But with no hatch in front how do you reach up to the bow to put in a D ring or tie the float bag to it.

it doesn’t have to be the front…
of the bow. You can glue the d-rings in behind the float bags and attach webbing (or any other material which will not pose an entanglement hazard) across the d-rings to secure the float bags in place.

I am not a kayaker…

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If the airbag has a grommet in the narrow end of it, you could try this.........

Drill a "small" hole at the top of the bow.
Push a piece of bungee cord through the hole.
Attach bungee cord to grommet in air bag.
Inflate air bag; but not fully inflated.
Using bungee cord; pull airbag into bow, and tie off bungee cord.Then, if possible, top off the air bag to assist in it maintaining its position in the bow.

If the air bag has grommets on all 3 corners;
you could probably install D-rings to attach to the 2 corners of the airbags, closest to your cockpit.

Water that is able to get into a small hole, partially filled with a piece of bungee cord will be very "minimal".

I've used this method to help keep airbags in place in my whitewater canoe. I do have all 3 corners of the airbags secured, plus a lace kit over the top of the airbags.


If the boat has foot pegs…
…you can attach D-rings or other fitting to the forward end of the rails and run a piece of cord across the boat between the rails. If your float bags are properly sized, that should be enough to keep them from popping out.