how to shorten rudder cable?

I have purchased my first kayak. It has a rudder controlled with foot pedals. However, the cables are a little too long… I can hardly turn the rudder without stretching my let and tiptoeing. I think all I need to do is cut the cable from the crimp that attaches it to the rudder housing, shorten the cable a bit, and recrimp and attach to housing. Problem is, I can find NO WHERE to purchase the crimps! I live over an hour from any kayak dealer/big box that might sell these. Is there anywhere I can order the crimps? Thanks!!

Can you move the seat forward?
Can you move the seat to a position further forward? And am I correct in assuming that you already have the foot pedals set as close to you as possible?

Also, what boat is this. Knowing that may help the more mechanically inclined here.

Have you adjusted the foot pedals?
Typically the foot pedals can be adjusted on the slide rail.

Have you adjusted the pedals all the way “short”?

hardware stores that sell cable

From the OP, I think the problem

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they are describing is due to poor design of these things not position. Moving the seat is not the same as a car either.

The crimps are called Nico Press Sleeves and you can find them @ Hardware / Big Box stores and places that sell Fishing supplys.

Also check to see if you have the 'slack' out of the cables with adjustment to pull the pedal back towards you so to speak.

Most hardware stores carry them
I just bought some a few weeks ago at an ACE hardware.

You can also get them at Home Depot, and you do it exactly the way you described, unless you can adjust the pedals.

If you have a good leatherman tool, You can cut the cable and use the cable cutter also to do the crimping.

Jack L

Thanks all!!
The seat is not movable.

The footpedals pull the cable to adjust the rudder direction, but there does not seem to be a way to move the pedal unit.

We have an Ace Hardware!!!

I do not have a Leatherman, but recently saw a 60 minutes (or some show) about them and the company & was very impressed. I will buy one. (I’m a girl but I like tools… LOL)

Thanks again!!

Look closer
There is almost always a way to adjust the pedal position on the track.

Often it is a lever on the far side (nearer to the bow) of the pedal that you can squeeze.

cutting the cable

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If you remove the entire cable and work on a bench, you can cut the cable holding it in a vice and using a hacksaw. A Dremel tool with a small stone wheel is the best. That's how I would do it if you are working in the boat. The crimp ends can be bought a any good hardware store or the Depot. Look in the area where they sell cable or where they have those rows of flat draws with all the different fasteners. Your cable is stainless and if you need that go to a boating store. That kind of cable is used for sail boat rigging.

Seat idea

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One thing that people forget is that, with a paddler of the female persuasion, we are often reaching for that rudder control with smaller feet than guys. Having been thru that with my first sea kayak, even set up with SmartTrac so that the regular pedal was fixed, the sizes of feet to controls didn't always work out well. I was always doing more toe reach than my husband, who had the same system but feet but feet twice as big. He could just bend at the ankle, I had to contort a bit more to get the rudder control correctly.

If you add in the possibility that the boat is set up to make life easy for a taller person than the OPer, since we don't know what boat it is, it might be possible to ease the situation by moving the seat closer... except per later responses it doesn't do so.

extra crimp?
Can you just pull the cables back and put an extra crimp on to hold in a shorter position? If so you have an option if you make it just a bit too short.

Just a Suggestion
As Celia mentioned in her first post, stating the make & model of your boat will help the folks here in making useful suggestions as other problems/questions arise (and they will). Posting a photo can be a huge help in getting a solution.