How to store/transport flat bottom kayak

I just bought a Wilderness Systems Aspire 105. It has a very wide, flat bottom, not V shaped. I’m wondering if it is okay to store or transport it hull down, deck up? I understand that it’s normally recommended to store kayaks on their side and transport them in J-cradles, but I assume that is because most have a V shaped hull, and mine does not. It would be convenient if I could store it by just letting it sit on my carpeted floor, and strap it to my car with foam blocks. Any advice?


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Actually, they are stored on their sides because they are actually stronger on side than on bottom. Round edge versus flat edge. It is one of the reasons why castles use round turrets.

Hull down on a flat area (like a floor) is likely Ok. On bars, like rood rack, what could happen is the boat could deform around the bars. More likely if you tighten it too tightly and/or are in a hot area which makes the plastic soft. If you really want to go flat, consider getting saddles to spread the load a bit.

If you are going to go straight on bars (no saddles or other way of spreading the load), don't make the straps too tight and consider putting it upside down (so if you do deform the boat, it will be on the top, which while looking worse, would have less impact on the way the boat performs in the water.

On the floor
If you have the space, indoors flat on the floor is a nice way to store your boat. No UV-damage from sun, mildew or snow load to worry about, and the boat is supported over a large portion of the hull.

transport upside-down?

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The deck may conform better to the rack with foam blocks.

I agree re: storing it on it's side and the idea that the side is stronger. Plus I sleep on my side, and I have a wide, flat bottom.

However else you transport it, make sure the bow is in front!

I’ve had some flatbottoms over the years
There are two main things. First is the cockpit coming, not to put pressure on it. Second, is to use cam straps not ratchet straps because they put too much pressure on the hull. Foam blocks are great but they are harder to use.