how to stretch neoprene?

picked up a closeout neoprene shorts from Patagonia. Their sizing is pretty screwed up and its a tad too small. How do I stretch it out besides wearing it and giving myself a hernia in the process? Thanks.


Return or wear 'em …

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If they are *that* tight you probably are not going to be able to get them another size bigger.

Put them on get them wet and pull on them a bit, but not too much .... you might increase the 'size' of them in certain spots but probably not overall unless you try two people pulling or ye 'ole stand on one part and pull up with your hands in angered frustration. Side note: you will probably delam the rubber from the nylon here.

Putting them in the sun to dry proper always seem to have them tighen back up too. Sorry.

Something I forgot from your other post about smell.

Always fresh water rinse the inside and outside of the suit. I like to hang mine inside out to drip dry then turn it right side out later. This way it is at least mostly dry on the inside when you put it back on instead of clammy.

Pat is right. While neoprene seems to
relax a little when the Nylon facings are wetted, it isn’t going to be more accomodating. In fact, with age, some of the gas used to make the bubbles in the neoprene will escape, and the shorts will get even tighter. I bought, on sale, some Patagonia neoprene shorts, and when new, they were a bit loose and gappy on my thighs. Ten years later, with my thighs probably smaller from age and disuse, those Patogonias. now fit nice and snug.

I’ve made bad bargain buys, lots of times. You just have to find another buyer who will be happy with them.

I’m not convinced neoprene can’t stretch
…but I wouldn’t count on it.

I have one wetsuit that feels slightly looser than it was originally. The other one is just as tight as new.

Might be partly determined by what kind of fabric the neoprene is laminated with.

Unless you need to lose some fat, you might be better off just selling the shorts to someone who fits them now.

If you can still streatch it further,
after you put it on, it’s tight but not too tight.