How to taper cedar ribs on an Old Town

delete this thread. I guess the answer is no.

Wood is meant to be shaped. If you don’t know how this is a great opportunity to learn. We still have trees so we’ll still have wood. I didn’t write that, that’s paraphrased from Nick Schade who wrote “The Strip Built Sea Kayak.” Yes, the book is about kayaks but it’s also about building boats from wood.

Good tools will add skill to any hand, and conversely, using an inappropriate tool can make the simplest task exasperating. The right tools for strip-building a kayak are simple. Most of the work can be done with a block plane, a jackknife, a razor saw, and a stapler. If you cut your own strips, you will need a large power saw for a day or two. – Nick Schade

Oh, “great opportunity to learn” was not meant as sarcasm. Some find a great deal of pleasure from shaping wood. For me it is almost meditative. I started with a $3 2x4 from Home Depot and a borrowed block plane. Step 1 is learning how to sharpen your block plane.

Mike Eliots This Old Canoe is the current bible for restorers.

There is a lot of info on the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association site.
Plenty of builders and restorers there to help you.

Your project has been done many many times.


So take their advice When you say they said your ideas were no good, take it as voices of experience. Where did you get the idea that I was referring to wood boats in general
It is a Canoe group.

Yes I do know people who have Old Town restoration experience. They are on the WCHA forum. As one who probably responded to you is a grandson of the founder of Old Town I would take his opinions as knowledgeable even if it hurts your feelings.

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Might be a miss understanding. Never heard of a “bevel” in a canoe rib. Tapered thickness at the bend yes. Tapered width no. There are plenty of rib bending vids on you tube. Look for Orca Boats.

. OT ribs are tapered in width, not thickness.
Each side has a bevel but they are different.

Thanks for the comments.
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