How to tell if canoe is good for solo

Hi, going on a multi month long solo(plus dog) downriver trip and I am looking around at used canoes. I want to spend under 600, is there a way I can tell if it is suitable for solo paddling? Thanks.

why dontcha…
paddle it!

really, paddle it
with the dog and your supplies…kind of knocks solo canoes out of the picture.

Almost all solo canoes are 31" maximum beam or under at the center , solo, paddling station.

Almost all tandem canoes are 34" wide or more, but are significantly less than that at the tandem paddling stations.

You will probably want and need …

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....... a nice long tandem ....... call Bass Pro Shop (Outdoor World) and consider getting an Old Town Expedition 169 , new from them at around $600. , (it is the O.T. Discovery but now called Expedition for Bass Pro) ........ the Expedition seems to have a bit more radius to the flat bottom ........ you can easily paddle this canoe from the stern solo , just add some bow weight for trim ballast (two 50 lb. sand bags will do the trick , test with dog and gear to locate were you want to put them either all the way forward or adjust aftwards from there to your desire) ........ you can move those sand bags to any location at any time during your float , even empty the contents overboard and reload at convenience if desired ..