How to tell which layup on used Epic 18x Sport?

It is difficult to find close up photos of the two layups Epic 18x Sport comes in: Performance vs. Ultra. If you’re buying a used one, and the seller isn’t sure - how can you tell? I know Epic now sells Ultra with red bow and stern, and Performance with black, but was it always like that? Any advice much appreciated!

Red or black contrast to the white base. Red is ultra, performance is black.

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The mystery solved: I wrote to Epic with the serial number, and they provided the model, layup and year within a couple of hours! Now that’s great customer service.

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That’s actually what I started to type, then I remembered that they color code them. Red is ultra, black for the rest.
I’ve got to ask, are you getting it? Good price? The 2019 and older under rudder or a used 2020 with the over the stern?
I got a new 2019 with the drop down rudder this fall.

Yes, I got it, and ironically before I posted this inquiry. We learned that the seller was correct about the layup but wrong about the model year. It’s a 2015 with the integrated under rudder, not 2018 as I was told. Probably not the best price given the year was inaccurate, but the boat is in great shape, and the seller was willing to meet half way on a substantial drive. Also it’s still a lot cheaper than a new one + tax + driving. We checked with Epic warehouse in TN and learned that all Performance models are pre-sold in the next two containers (Jan & April), only Ultra still available, and to order a Performance layup I’d have to order now for it to arrive in July. It seemed like the best option.

Probably a 2015 bought in 18. Same boat. They didn’t change the rudder until 2020.
I was watching them on their site plus looking for a deal on a used one since before the change.
Awesome boats! A lot different than a hard chined Chesapeake at around 2" difference in width!
Enjoy it. I smile at mine every day even though any paddling I do between now and probably March is going to be a canoe or one of my other kayaks!

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For future reference (copied from

GIP7Z10181909 EK12006
GIP: is Epic’s manufacturers identification code
7Z10181: is the Serial number of the individual ski
909: built September 2009
EK12006 is the year the boat was designed.