How to top load tri hull?

I’ve been paddling a Sea Eagle Talon 120 fishing kayak for about a year and didn’t have many issues top loading onto my 03 Santa Fe, but this year I’ve upgraded to an Old Town Predator PDL which I thought I could top load with the top down like I did before, but this kayak has more options installed which means I have to load it hull down.

What should I be using to make a hull down top load possible? My roof rack is not strong enough to support a one side j rack. I was looking at some V racks but I think I need two horizontal bars to go along with my roof rack, does anyone have suggestions for what horizontal bars would fit on my roof rack? Or any other ideas? Thanks!

Is your rack strong enough to support 117 (and maybe more) pounds? Have you considered a trailer?

One hundred and seventeen pounds empty boat weight? A boat length of 13.6ft and **3 ft **wide? … I suggest a trailer. Sure you can roof top load it but life is short and that is an awkward load. That way all the other “rigging” fishing kayaks seem to get can stay on the boat. A trailer will save your car and your back.

Many people want their boats on roof racks hull up as a way to protect the hull from damage the bars may cause. The thought being that any dents or scratches on the top deck are cosmetic, but on hull could cause impacts in the way the boat performs. If this is your concern, an option may be to put padding on your bars. Foam blocks (something like would be the easiest. Your boat likely wouldn’t slide well over this, if you are pushing up from stern or similar, so you may need to put boat up and then place pads under. Saddles (like could also work, and they would allow the boat to slide up.

Some people put boats hull side up to keep the boat from filling with water, but that really isn’t a concern with a SOT.

Is it possible to put boat up right side up and then flip over on the roof?