How to transport SUP & Kayak VolvoXC70

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Wondering if anyone has an advice on transporting a SUP and a kayak at the same time with a Volvo XC70. I am hoping to get a 10' kayak. I have the standard Volvo cross bar rack and use straps to attach the SUP to the top of the car. Not sure how I could transport both. Any comments from experience are appreciated.

1) Get longer bars so you can carry the SUP flat and the kayak in a J-Cradle

2) Bar Pads + Padded Board bag, strap down flat on bar pads. Strap ye’ flat bottomed rec. kayak on top of Padded Board Bag with the straps running to the bars. Use bow line.

My $0.02. YMMV.

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yakima rail grabbers
My son owned a slightly older volvo, we used what I think are now called Yakima Rail Grabber towers and a wider cross bar. Carried multiple large surfboards and kayaks.

Volvo Racks

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Volvo sells a kayak cradle. On the other hand, Thule supplies the Volvo racks so most any Thule accessory will fit. The main issue may be cross bar length. You can get longer cross bars that fit the cross bar mount kits.

Thanks for advice!
Thanks for the advice all! I think the problem is, my crossbars are too short, like someone noted. I will look for longer ones from Thule to fit my Volvo brand fittings.

Can’t wait to get out there!

Thanks for help
… yes, I was wondering if I could stack them, with the SUP in the padded bag. Didn’t want to damage SUP with the kayak on top. Plus, I worried about strapping them both down. Do you think I could use the same locking straps (I have long ones) to strap both down tight? Or do each seperately?)

I think I have to use trial and error— just don’t want to mess up my son’s SUP or have something slip off the car in transit. oops.