How to use the 2-wheeled kayak carrier dolly?

I have a sit-on-top ocean kayak. I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, using the 2-wheel kayak carrier thing, like . Because of the 2-wheel design, it doesn’t stay upright (obviously) and so 1) when putting the kayak onto it, it takes 2 people - one to hold it upright and one to balance the kayak onto it, and 2) after 5 minutes of wheeling, the top of it inevitably slips off the bottom of the kayak and it flops over to one side. Clearly people use these so I must be doing something wrong, but what? Is there a technique I’m missing??

It is not obvious to me that it will not stay upright.

The photo shows a support leg/bar. Do you use that?

Yes, that can be tricky. One of the photos show two ratchet straps. How are you placing those on the kayak/carrier? You need to make sure that the strap can’t slide along the kayak.

Also, sometimes it helps to turn the carrier around. It has some tendency to collapse when being pulled in one direction, and less if pulled in the opposite direction.

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On holding while in use, I find you need to use 2 straps. One strap attaches to the front cross bar of the cart and goes around the boat. The other around the rear crossbar. By having 1 each pulling from each end, it prevents the cart from collapsing.

I often have the strap on the front side not just go around the kayak, but also go forward and around something on the boat. By providing pressure pulling forward, this can reduce the amount he cart wheels get knocked out of straight when one hits something (common issue with this style cart).

This video from a different model (but very similar cart) shows 2 sets of straps being used.
Your straps are slightly different, but can be used the same.

On putting the boat on, they showed one way. Interesting that their video didn’t show the kick stand in use. If you put the kick stand down, you don;t need to hold the cart but can just move the kayak on top of it.

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Yes, use the kickstand and center the boat over it.

I have an older version of one that works like this. You need to use multiple straps/bungies. In my sea kayaks, I run one bungie around the rear of the cockpit under the coaming, one in front of the cockpit under the coaming and a third bungie across the top.

The point is to stop movement forward and back as well as try to stabilize the side. Not sure what to tell you to use with a SOT but I expect something is available.

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You might look at this article: .Using this modification it holds the boat very securely and makes securing the boat much faster. It also insures that you always have your straps.

Putting the boat on the cart is always a bit easier with two people. To do it solo, it you cannot just pick up the boat by the cockpit, set the cart alongside the boat near the cockpit on its kickstand angled toward the boat at about 45°. Have the kickstand facing toward the front of the boat. Pick up the stern and swivel the boat on its bow until it’s over the cart. Then just lower the boat onto the cart. You might have to experiment a bit to get the angle and position just right for your boat. You also might have to protect the bow from abrasion if on a rough or hard surface.

Make sure the boat is a bit bow heavy on the cart for towing. It’s a pain to have to be constantly holding the bow down.