How to wash poly kayaks

How would u reccomend washing a poly plastic kayak? I’m currently using just soap and water.

Thats how I cleaned mine.
Now, thats how I wash my canoes. I follow that up with an application of “product” that provides UV protection, makes them shine and helps them slide over the rocks and gravel I can’t avoid in the stream. “Product” shall remain nameless to avoid causing a controversy.

I’m happy to report that I have
never washed mine. It gets used so much I’ve never hosed it off.

Where ever I am
Sometimes I wash it in fresh water, sometimes I wash it in salt water, other times I wash it in river mudd. I think the river mudd coating it gets at certain take outs really helps protect it from the suns UV rays.

Car-yak Wash
After a muddy river trip and extremely muddy takeout (more like swamp) left my boat more coated than even I could stand, I took mine to the do-it-yourself car wash and used the pressure hose to get rid of all the encrusted yucky stuff inside and out. In four years, I think I’ve only washed it twice.

ive had my boats at the car wash a few x

muddy kayaks… been there

left them at my paddling buddy’s house once and went to paddle 2 weeks later and found he stored them right side up with no cover, so there was standing water, empty beer cans, trash, and the remnants of lunch in the cooler (he said he’d clean them out and put them away…)

most memorable wash was last november. during deer season we were hunting on a remote part of the property that was hard to acess by foot. well, shot a deer back there and there was no way we could carry it over the hills/ravines and there was no way to get a jeep or 4wheeler back there. Luckily it was a few hundred yards from a lake, so Bambis daddy got to go on one last float trip before he was sausage lololol. Well we decided this 200+lbs of dead weight in the canoe would be hard to padlle/manuver so we decided tol feild dress him before the float trip. Well, toss him in the canoe and im sure you can imagine how the canoe looked when we got done. Mud all over, blood (pooled and dried) and clumps of hair. It was UGLY lol

Um, um, yeah, um, well, … yeah.

Wash all my boats…
after they’ve been used. Just habit I guess. I rinse my glass boat with the bilge sponge before I load it back on my truck.

Plastic and glass boats also get treated with UV protection a few times a year. I’ll say it, 303! I love this stuff, I even cook onions and peppers in it.


303 Tips
I bought some 303, which is in a storage bin somewhere until I’m properly motivated. I don’t even know if there are instructions. So, for you 303 users, any advice on how to apply it, with what, etc.?

Last few days - - -
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303 Tips…
I use it on my artificial plants and it works on fleas if you dip the cat in it, cat gets real slippery though…

Dawn dishwashing detergent.

Murphy’s Oil Soap
The owner of a local kayak shop (she’s a former championship kayaker and the author of the book “The History of Old Town Canoe”) recommended this. Wash with a Murphy’s Oil Soap mixture often, then apply 303 occasionally…and our 7 year old poly boats look GREAT!