How was your Memorial Day weekend paddle? New Necky Chatham 18 + Werner Ikelos Paddle

My new Necky Chatham 18 all carbon kayak with also a new Werner Ikelos (205cm) paddle.

Updated from a Current Design Solstice GTS and Werner Cyprus paddle. I call it updated instead of upgraded because each gear has a unique purpose. I enjoy the rocker and maneuvering of the Chatham. The Ikelos has a better bite for good initial push. I have to be careful and more vigilant with the Ikelos to prevent future shoulder problems many folks reported.

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Spent my holiday scraping down 4 miles of the mulberry. Left the carbon fiber in the camper and used the plastic paddle to push off rocks. I got out early and had the river to myself.

Hey you never came back to the thread where you ask for paddling tips. Thought you were now cycling. :laughing:

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I had two great paddles - Saturday around Gulfport with the Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers followed by lunch, and Monday 12 miles around Fort Desoto and Shell Key by myself. I also had a new paddle to try, 4 piece Werner Cyprus (205 cm) - I already have a Cyprus but the 4 piece is new; will use it when I fly to NH this summer as I don’t have a good paddle up there any more.

Also a fun evening/sunset sail on Sunday night. The weather was fantastic - sunny, low humidity and no storms all weekend. Photos posted in the photos thread.

I had a harbor seal that decided not to follow the marine mammal act protections while giving a tour on Sunday. Video shot by one of the clients on the tour.

This is in Sausalito, CA, on the other side of the bay from San Francisco. In the 9 years or so I’ve been doing this, I’ve not yet had a tour where we didn’t see seals. usually you can be reasonably close to them, but this was unusual.

I will go back to that thread to answer. Let’s say I was overwhelmed and I am also getting some hands on practice. I will post a trip that shows I did 4.5mph as the sustained average in full winter gears

I took a maneuverability paddling class from an aca lvl3 instructor since then

I also got a new kayak the Necky that feels like it’s faster than the CD solstice