How waterproof is Icom IC-M34

I bought an Icom IC-M34 VHF radio, and was wondering about how waterproof it really is.

Been burned in this area before, specifically with Garmin GPSes. Their marketing literature says waterproof, but they only meet IPX-7 (dust proof) requirement. Had one replaced under warranty, and now keep them in a dry bag.

But I also use a Pentax Optio W20 camera (rated JIS-8, which is roughly equal to IPX-8), and that lives in a PFD pocket without troubles even when surfing, rolling, etc.

This VHF says that it meets IPX-7 rating, but then also says 1 meter for 30 minutes, which is closer to the IPX-8 rating.

So, for those who have these radios - can I just stick it in a PFD pocket, or do I need a dry bag? Have people had water intrusion with these?

Note - I am talking the basic radio - and not using any additional accessories (like extra battery packs, speaker-mics, etc.).

I almost always bag my M72.
It is rated to IPX8 standards not IPX7. Had one fail after about 18 months of use without a bag. It was replaced under warranty, but I don’t want to have to get a warranty replacement when I go to use it in a real emergency.

IMHO, ALL ELECTRONICS SHOULD BE BAGGED if you are going to be rolling or playing in surf.

How waterproof…
I know a guy that dropped one in 7’ of sea water. It was down there about 40 minutes, worked fine when he finally found it. I don’t know if they will all do that, but his did.