how young

we had a baby last april and was wondering if they make a floatation vest for a 1 year old? Anybody take their young children if so at what age do you start?

infant vests
There are pfd’s specifically for kids up to 30 pounds (the Stearns model is the most common). They have full collars, crotch straps, and grab loops on the collar, so if the tot ever goes in, they’ll float like a cork until you can reach down and grab them.

Stearns infant PFDs

both my sons
have been in canoes by age 5 (weeks, that is…).

If you can’t find a fitting PFD, goto

Salus Bijoux
Salus makes a life jacket specifically for babies 9 to 25 lbs.

It is not Canadian Coast Guard approved, but then there is no other life jacket that is approved for infants in Canada.