Been a while. Right after the remodel was completed I tried unsuccessfully to post a comment. After several more attempts proved futile I threw in the towel and kinda forgot about Pnet. Just dropped back in and suddenly I’m able to post, so like the title says, howdy! What’d I miss???

Lively commentary, well thought out discussions, friendly repartee,
Some of that anyway.

GP vs. Euro & skeg vs. rudder vs. nothing

Then there is paddle length, Craigslist etiquette, PFD(use or not), rec kayaks, ad nauseum.

Oh yeah and do you carry when buying and selling kayaks

Welcome back Deuce! We can post photos here now!

Also some very good information on technique, for those of us who aren’t experts. Always something to learn - but then, my glass is always half full :wink:

Why don’t you try to join us at Pulltite on the Current for the Fall Ozark Rendezvous, Luke? Coming up just a month from today.