hows the kayaking in st augustine?

Anyone kayak there? How is it and where are the best spots?

Here you go


(Central Florida East Coast)

Trip Length: 11 miles more or less depending on how fast or far you want to paddle

Short Description: Leave from Anastasia State Park, in “Salt Run”.

-Paddle north to Saint Augustine’s waterfront and the Matanzas River.

-And return

Best weather conditions: Wind less than 15 mph and out of the west or east.

Comments: A good way to do the tourist thing in Saint Augustine from a kayak.

-A good trip for combining tourism with nature

-Look for a Bald eagle, as well as the normal wading birds in the remote areas

-Water clarity is poor

Directions: The put-in is at Anastasia State Park

-From route 95 get off at exit 311 and go east on 207 for approximately 5 miles.

-Go right on route 312.

-Go across a big bridge and after about another mile take a left on route A1A.

-Go a few miles and the state park entrance will be on your right. .

Trip: The put in is a short distance on the left after the gate house either at the kayak/wind surfer rental place or another few hundred yards at a little beach.

-The beach coordinates are:



-Head north (left) and for almost the whole first mile you will be paddling beside marsh grass.

-You will see the Saint Augustine light house long before you get to it and when you get there, you

can pull up on the little beach or the boat ramp if you want to take a tour inside it. You will have to walk a short distance and cross a street.

-Continue north for about another mile, and there will now be waterfront homes on your left and

moored boats all around.

-As you round the end of the point you will see the historic Saint Augustine Fort, ( Castillo de San

Marcos National Monument), slightly to your left and on the far shore which is the Saint Augustine


-Head across to it, but be alert for boat traffic as you cross the channel which is the intracoastal water way

-After passing the fort you will now be heading south.

-Continue along the water front sea wall and go under the “Bridge of Lions”

-You will now be paddling in the Mantanzas River.

-After roughly a mile you will see a beach on the opposite shore which is a good place for a lunch

break prior to your return.

-Use caution when landing if your kayak is composite since the beach has a lot of oyster shells.

-Return the way you came, but use the eastern shore for a change of scenery, even though it will be

still all water front homes.

-After rounding the point opposite the fort, when you head back into salt run, instead of taking the

same shoreline back, head across to the far sandy shore which is beautiful and pristine.

-It is a good place to get out for a break.

-Continue back (south) to the put-in but stay on the side that you are now on which will be pristine

marsh grass, and you can tune out the populated residential side

Jack L

What is Your Skill Level?
There are some good play opportunities around both St Augustine and Matanzas Inlets, but your skills and gear need to be up to the task.

On behalf of zfisch11, many thanks to JackL for the great instructions and descriptions masquerading as a trip report, and kudos to Kapp-N-Crunch for the sage advice accompanying your inlet play recommendation!

It certainly is nice to have resources like you two so paddlers have intros into new territory and tips and pointers for the unacquainted to better


-Frank in Miami

How timely!
Thanks, I had been thinking about asking this very question. I will be in St. Aug the week of Thanksgiving. I’ll have to paddle this.