HP 1 Paddles

Anyone out there aware where can I buy a new HP 1 paddle? overall lenght 83.5 inches, size of blade 8x19.5 It is a one piece kayak paddle, not adjustable

On the Paddle marks of: Made in England, Canoe supply company

I have used this paddle for kayak surfing for 12 years , broke it and can not find a suitable replacement.

The blades on the paddle are quite firm and I use them as a rudder-the newer softer paddles are too flimsy for this purpose, also the blades are smaller on the newer paddles I looked at

Thanks to all in advance for your input

I suggest you go to Mitchell or another
paddle maker who does a lot of custom work, show them with pictures what you had, and allow them to offer something that will work as well or better. Mitchell makes some thin wood core, glass or carbon faced blades that are stiff enough for what you describe, and they have wood or carbon shafts.

call Pyranha / P&H
828 254 1101

That is an HP 1 paddle - made in the UK - we used to sell a ton of them a few years back. i’m sure we have a couple in the ware house.

We can arrange thru one of our dealers.