Does anyone know who this is? The link has gone dead. This was some very good information about older canoes and I miss it. How can we get this info back up?


Wayback Machine
Have you tried the Internet Archive Wayback Machine website. When I did it didn’t just show up. I didn’t search further since I had no concept of the timeframe when to look. The link is

The site was probably taken down

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That stuff was put up by a p-netter who used to hang around here. His screen name was "ogilvyspecial". I remember that two or three years ago someone complimented him on the stuff he had posted there, and he remarked that he was glad to know that, because he had very nearly discontinued it, but changed his mind. I got the impression he was paying a fee for someone to host those photos, and that he probably wouldn't do it forever.

You might search the archives for posts by ogilvyspecial. Go back two years or more. If you find one, use the post to email him.
Thanks for the tip on this site SmilinBeard, it will be a handy one to have. I have not beem able to get it to work to pull up this site thou.