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Really cool boats, doesn't look like they ship to USA though.


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what makes these any "cooler" than the plethora of "Brit Boats" that is already available?

I don't see anything that stands out from the photo album, except for what looks like an integral skeg on the boat in some of the photos. One particular pic of a woman paddling shows boat that has too much volume for her because of the amount of freeboard.


they have starfish on them, that’s what
makes them cool.

Oh and they are sparkly.

Don’t be so jaded…

Jaded, Yes…

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Guess I am. Said a boat is "cool" with no discussion of why. Pics don't present anything really new. On top of it, they aren't available in the US.

Call me thick... I don't get it.


PS. Also, with a name like "rockpoolkayaks", I was expecting something for ocean playing. Not a boat with a built in skeg to make it track like a train.

but if it had racing stripes…
imagine how cool it would be!

sing, not every kayak can be a Rockhopper. :slight_smile:

There are some intersting differences
Actually the most notable difference is the foredeck configuration which allows the paddler to be in an unsplayed position - closer to that in a racing kayak.

Aled Williams designed the boats. He is the designer that Nigel Dennis worked with to design the Romany. That alone make me want to try them.

Rockpools have come up a few times on including:

I heard from Aled earlier this week. He says that they are having some trouble keeping up with the demand for the boats in the UK and Europe. Though they’d like to get them to the USA, it may not be soon.

is rockpool kayaks a division of
NDK? i went to the site and saw the NDK dragon at the bottom of one page? i always liked that graphic and wanted one on my nordkapp

Not part of NDK
Rockpool is not affiliated with NDK. The dragon is actually a Welsh national symbol. Rockpool boats are made in Wales.

Valley boats are made in England - different dragon…

Just when this
site was getting interesting; careful the Pnet Police are every where. Too bad Aled’s post was deleted, I was hoping he would answer a question for me.

Have a good summer paddling, y’all.

unwarranted comment
chill out, just cuz folks who know stuff share it does not mean you have to get your nose out of joint, come on, lighten up.

Now you see it, now you don’t

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I guess I don't understand your comment. I was responding to Aled Williams' comments and when I finnished my post, I couldn't find his post and some of the others. Were they deleted?

Not really out of joint, just don't understand whats going on around here. Guess I should just get off the computer and back to things I understand better.
Not a big deal, just kinda silly.


Aled Williams
I did not see the post from Aled of which you refer. The Rockpool email address will reach him.

missed that post(s) too… What up???


Info on Rockpools from the other side

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...of the pond. ; - )

If you are looking for more information on Rockpool boats try this:

* go to this link:
* click on Almanac at the top of the page
* then click on Sea Kayaks
* scroll down to Rockpool Kayaks, there are five links to lengthy discussions about the boat

For some interesting video on a Rockpool Bach in the Penrhyn Mawr try this....
(you may have to cut and paste the entire url)

For a Rockpool Alaw and Norkapp LV in a neat surf session see:

Okay, Thanks…
actually, I’ve seen some of these pics and vids before. I guess the boat didn’t stick in my head for whatever reason.

Looking at the closer still pics of the boat with the high front coaming, I can see how some bigger folks may like it. For me it goes back to some of the previous discussions about ocean vs keyhole cockpits. I personally like ocean cockpits over keyhole. I also don’t like high front cockpit coamings at all. Again, a matter of personal preference.


Racing Stripes…

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I would go with a surfski instead.

At this point in my paddling, I realize I love paddling (especially playing in rough water) year round but these are all day trips. I have no need for an expedition size boat for what I do.


PS. That "built in" skeg was an optical illusion on a quarter front shot pic. This boat has some rocker along the same line of some of the other Brit "play" boats.

re: Rockpool Alaw Bach

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The forward deck on the Alaw Bach (for us smaller folk) is 2" lower than on the standard Alaw. Rear coaming is also 1.5" lower.
Look carefully at this pic of the two boat side, by side (Alaw Bach is in the foreground)
Yes, the design still may not be to your liking, but I would love to give the smaller Alaw (Bach) a spin.

Safe paddling,

It’s smaller
and yet, somehow, in the foreground … it looks BIGGER!