Another tragic paddling incident in Virginia in james county on little creek resevoir where three young men were at fishing without life vest…the canoe capsized and as of now only two made it to shore one still missing.when people ever gonna learn not to go paddling without being properly prepared

Unfortunately, events like this one are almost an annual tragic rite of Spring. The uninformed will always be victims of not “being properly prepared.” Also all too many times, it is due to the rambunctiousness of youth. Sad.

Unfortunately, this is also the type of event that will get waterways closed in this time of coronavirus.

No, this won’t be the cause of a shutdown in COVID 19. The lack of physical distancing will. Every spring, folks die trying to “paddle.” To be blunt, It’s the annual killing/culling season for the uninitiated.

I like the NH’s Forest Service’s admonishment to early season, extreme hikers. You go out there now, get into trouble, you have better be ready to “self-rescue” because we are not exposing ourselves to infection.

I’m in agreement with accountablity for oneself.



I hope you’re right sing, but all indications where I am is that this is exactly what will close things. I spent many years as a swiftwater rescuer and instructor, and I fully understand the spring “culling”, but this year is obviously a little different. I wish we’d adopt the NH stance, but that’s not the case so far. Our EMS and first responders are still responding, which is obviously putting themselves at risk of unnecessary exposure. I have local family members in both law enforcement and EMS, and they have both expressed frustration at the increase in the numbers of those that are unprepared venturing into the outdoors as cabin fever kicks in.

Hmm… Ok… That could happen. The folks who normally would go to the local mall on a nice day to “get outside”, now don’t have that option…


Have to agree w the risk that the conditions this spring could actually ramp up the number of unprepared people in certain locations. Because there just are not a lot of places to go.

I went walking around a pond in a state park in the region over the weekend. The good news was that, at least when the weather is chilly and windy, the main path was not at all crowded. The bad news was that several of the small number of folks that were out had remarkably inappropriate footwear for a trail that was very rocky and partially under water. I doubt this was a normal activity for them, or they would have had footwear that kept their feet dry. The under water part is pretty normal for this time of year.