Hudson NH kayaker found deceased in Maine

Not too much information on the death of a kayaker, resident of the town where I live.

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God bless. :cry:

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Unfortunately he’s a pretty rare example of someone drowning while wearing a PFD.

I can’t find any information about flow rates or current in the Nonesuch River online. It does look like cold water could be a year round risk.

Seems like all the stories end with “body taken away for autopsy” and “investigation underway” and then we never hear another word.

Thanks for posting.


Did he go to Alvirne? I used to live in Hudson. He is a little older than me so I didn’t know him in school.

Drowning with a PFD is rare, but it can happen if a person is incapacitated or in really rough water. Incapacitation can often be due to hypothermia or a medical emergency. Only a Type I PFD (off-shore life jacket) is specifically designed to keep a person’s face out of the water with little effort from the person wearing it.

A type I is very bulky and not commonly used for paddlecraft.


Considering the location and conditions that day, I think a medical emergency is the most likely explanation e.g. heart attack or stroke.