Hudson River Paddle

I’m doing the Hudson River Albany to NYC paddle in July. If anyone else has done it here , what one piece of advise would they care to give me?

Something that made you say " Oh ! Shit ! Wish I’d have…

Seakyaking and Lyngo

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Both of them have done it.

Thanks and WELCOME !
Posted by: seakayaking on May-27-06 8:54 AM (EST)
So nice to relive my own 1st time thru you . I need to rememeber 1t timers as I take many out . I am sure the fella told me how to get back in that S.O.T. when I was done snorkling ,an although I couldn't remember how I managed to get back in and have been paddling ever since . I did however wind up w/a really nice colourful bruise on my hip , haven't done that again , sometimes that's a good way to "learn".
Not sure where yer at in NY , but go to and click on the link for the (or go there ) and check it out . About 30 thru paddlers an 6 guides going from Albany to NYC in July . Day trippers as well , a good chance to see some of the paddling possibilities for you . I'll be on it again this yr. if I can rememeber the date to start !

no joke
Posted by: lyngo on May-29-06 10:18 PM (EST)
Boudreaux's Butt Paste. I don't know if it's available everywhere, but it can be found online.

We used a more complicated form of this on our ICU patients (we mixed it up when we needed it...too many ingredients to remember), but it's basically zinc oxide with other stuff. If the rash is moist, mix in some Maalox (apply topically), but if it's just an annoying neoprene on wet skin rash it will be fine straight. Put it on after the day's paddle, not right before.


Perhaps Lyn will provide you with Butt Paste. lol

Have fun

Hey Cliff
Were you at the Tivoli put-in on Sunday afternoon? I saw a reddish orange Jeep go by along side the tracks and it had the license plate Cliff something. It was a very pretty but hot day on the water. —Rich

Wish I was but nay
Had to work the weekend but was off yesterday and today. See here:

Maryfan goes paddling again

Posted by: Cliffjrs on May-30-06 10:08 AM (EST)

A memorable Memorial Day.

May seem obvious
but I do wish I had a camera with me. A few other things:

A pair of waterproof overshoes or galoshes are really great if it rains.

More dry socks than you think you’ll need.

An extra few pairs of quick drying shorts and quick drying towels (I use sarongs as towels…less bulk and they dry fast).

Whatever you’re bringing for yourself…in the wine/food category…bring enough to share.

A fun water weapon…believe me it will come in handy.

Have fun…this was a wonderful trip with a truly great group of people. And BTW, you may want to bring some butt paste if your skin is sensitive!


That sounds cool! I live am originally from the Hudson River Valley. I am moving back to the east coast soon and think that sounds like a great trip.

Is it an organized event?

How many miles is that?

Will you camp on the river? I would think that camping locations would be very limited.

Maybe I will try the same when I get back on the east coast.


Conditions near NYC?
Could anyone speak a bit on what the conditions are like from the Tappan Zee to the end? I heard it can be surprisingly dicey both in terms of water conditions as well as other boat traffic. Is the last leg of the trip for more experienced paddlers or are the conditions manageable for most paddlers?


Tappan Zee
I use to paddle around the Tappan Zee and it can be tough .If a good wind comes

up you can have a tough paddle in that area . Often it’s not to bad and further

south towards the city it gets nicer . Boat traffic can be a little heavy yet I

never had to much of a problem with it . Fishermen have warned me on

several occasions that "large sharks " are in the area .There are not a lot

of places to land so be prepared for some extended paddling . John

Great Trip
Wonderful group of people to spend 140 miles (or so) with. I’ll be doing some day paddle sections of it as I can sneak out of trips and instruction I’m leading.

If it’s going to be weather like last year, a broad brimmed hat with a dark underbrim, like Watership Hats, will be well worth the investment. They also stay on your head when you roll, or at least mine does.

See you on the GHRP,


Hudson RIver Paddle
Thanks for all the advice, folks. I’ll try and make some sort of trip report.