Hudson River, Rhinebeck area?

I will admit that I am a new kayaker with only a WS Bandit but wonder if its possible to safely navigate on the Hudson near Kingston or Rhinecliff, NY. I was hoping for a little paddling just up and down close to the shore, not near bridges (I know about them) and no intentions of crossing it, but have overheard horror stories, e.g. about yaks trying for the lighthouses, and getting into trouble. Not sure what the danger I overheard was about.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the area! -Dev


A few options
You can put in on the Roundout Creek in the Roundout section of Kingston. Not terribly scenic, but it’s protected and a no wake zone. I’ve never paddled up stream on the Roundout, but I’ve heard it’s reasonably interesting.

If you get more adventurous you could go out on the Hudson from Roundout Creek. The area at the mouth of the Roundout is reasonably protected from the Hudson’s currents by the spit of land there, although there are plenty of power boats because of the marinas in the Roundout.

Robert E. Post Park has a launch. Might be for residents only. That’s a scenic stretch, and reasonably calm as the main shipping channel is well out in the Hudson there.

There’s a little park and launch at Glasco. From there you could safely and easily get up to the Saugarties light house.

North of the Saugarties light is a nice protected little nook that would be good to play in at high water. It turns into a mud flat at low tide.

Put in at Tivoli and go down river about a mile and enter the Tivoli bays.

Learn about currents and tides before you venture out on the Hudson.

Near the shore is not necessarily better or easier. In fact it can be more challenging as wakes and waves reflect off the shore and create interesting clapotis. Lots of rocks and industrial artifacts along the shore too, and they could ruin your day if a wake or swell drops you on top of something pointy.

Yes, but
I lived in Woodstock for 8 years and paddled white and flat water all over that area. You could go out in the Hudson on the west side but it can be rather windy. They conduct sailing classes there.

On the west side there are long stretches you can paddle on the tributaries–the Rondout, the Esopus, the Wallkill. They are much more sheltered and interesting to me.

On the east side there are some more protected and marsh areas. There’s the South Bay area near Bard College and some more below. Much further down is Constitution Marsh.

Contact Marshall at the River Connection in Hyde Park. He knows the area.

Check with The River Connection. They
paddle the Hudson all the time. Ask for Marshall.

Atlantic Kayak Tours at Norrie
Marshall at The River Connection is great.

Also well worth checking out is Atlantic Kayaks Tours at Norrie State Park.