Hudson River Valley

Hi I will be traveling to New York this summer and want to kayak the Hudson River Valley. I will need to rent. Any recommendations as far as rental places? I’m a sit-on-topper and would prefer a place that rents them. Also, any suggestions as to scenic spots to kayak in this area? Thanks!

Hudson River Valley
From where I’m sitting to the mouth of the Hudson is well over 150 miles and I am no where near the headwaters of the river. Wherabouts along the Hudson are you hoping to paddle?

An Hour Or Two North Of the City
Maybe the West Point area or close to New Paltz. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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The Hudson river is a great place to kayak. The West Point area is great. Keep in mind that the river is a commercial water way.

It might make the most sense going on a guided tour. Check out the web sites for the following.

Hudson River Outfitters in Cold Springs.
Atlantic Kayak Tours (AKT) in Peekskill. They also have a place at Norrie state park.

AKT rents sit-in-kayaks but, unless they know you, they won't let you go too far. I'm familar with AKT (they are great) but the other guys should be OK too. You'd get a better trip on a tour.

I think you'd have next to no chance on renting a sit on top.

I’ll check them out. I’ll consider taking a tour.

Free SOT in NYC
If your staying in NYC you can paddle for free. The Downtown Boathouse lets you use a boat for free for 20 minutes on weekends and evenings. Also on weekends you can try to get on one of their 3 hour tours. The tours leave at 8am from the pier 96 boathouse - 56th St and 12th Ave.

if you end up with some time…
Check out the river’s headwaters…in the Adirondacks, very beautiful country…(as most headwaters are!:wink:


If You Forego
a tour, renting from the Annsville Creek Kayak Center (Atlantic Kayak Tours):

is a good option; it’s a nice shop, and they can point you in the right direction for a fun day.

Alternately, Hudson Valley Outfitters out of Cold Spring:

will rent and drop off by the train station put in. If you paddle south 500 ft you can duck under a railroad bridge and be in Constitution Marsh, acres of placid waterways filled with wildflowers, birdlife, turtles, etc. Check through HVO as to tides though; timing it incorrectly could leave you stranded on the mudflats.

Paddling north from the put in takes you to Pollepel Island (aka Bannerman’s Castle):

Very, very cool.

West Point is directly across and slightly south from Cold Spring. Watch this area though, known as Journey’s End. There can be some surprisingly strong currents here as the river narrows through a deep channel here. Also, remember that this is a commercial waterway and there are the occasional barges that come through, creating quite a wake. The water is warm though, and tidal too-the currents can be quite strong if you’re paddling against them. My vote is for the Cold Spring area. the town itself is funky, artsy charming, and this section of the river is extremely scenic. If you’re in the area for a while, you might consider some of the hikes along the cliff faces around Bear Mountain (Anthony’s Nose, etc.). Simply stunning-it’s a beautiful area.

You might want to contact Marshall or Dorothy at in Hyde Park. Marshall is a fairly frequent poster on these boards.



I hear an echo!

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AKT does rent kayaks but they typically restrict people they don't know to Annsville bay (in side the rail road bridge).

A tour is still a good idea since you'll get local knowlege. And you won't be limited to paddling from where the kayaks are rented. (I have no idea why people would recommend solo paddling in a potentially difficult commercial waterway to someone whose skills they know nothing about.)

It looks like Hudson Valley Outfitters has two tours (basically): the Bannerman's island tour and the Constitution Marsh tour. It seems that AKT has more variety and a wider range for different skill levels. Of course, the tour you want might not be running when you are in the area.

I'd second the suggestion (below) to check out Marshall is a reasonable poster here (as good a recommendation as any).

Mid-Hudson Valley area
The previous suggestions of the West Point area are good ones. Check out Hudson Valley Pack & Paddle in Beacon or a new place Storm King Adventure Tours in Cornwall-on-Hudson. HVP&P has everything you will need, tours, guides, rentals. SKAT does guided tours on the river as well as mountain bike trips and hikes in the Hudson Highlands.

Farther north

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Cold Spring area you don't get to see much. West Point is interesting, as is Pollepel Island. Mt Beacon on the east and Storm King on west block any real views. Good for a day on the river and fun but not the best vistas of the Hudson Valley.

I'd recommend the area from Poughkeepsie/Highland north to Hudson/Catskill. Here you can take in the Catskills off to the west.

Marshall would be a good bet.

AKT at Norrie Point
They are opening a new shop there in a couple of weeks. Will offer tours, instruction and rentals, though for purely rental, people will have to demonstrate some experience. The winds, waves and tide currents are a factor at that location.

Storm King, etc

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"Cold Spring area you don't get to see much"

Very amusing and not really correct.

Rather than -blocking- the views, the cliffs and mountains (eg, Storm King) -are- the views. This area is very dramatic place to paddle.

Sorta like this
Taken this last Sunday morning, Esopus Meadows (large expanse of shallows) area north of Staatsburg.

That is not to imply I wouldn’t like to paddle the Highlands region too…someday. Lots of interesting views on the Hudson.


Storm King

if you want a longer vista, just turn around.

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