Hudson River/West Point put in/take out?

Hi all, I’ve been scrambling around online looking for info regarding put ins on the Hudson, with varying degrees of success. Hoping to find some Hudson paddlers here. My group wants to do a one way paddle, probably from the vicinity of Plum Point to West Point. I know there is a boat launch at West Point - - do they allow kayakers to launch there? We could take out at Cold Spring but that is across the river, which makes shuttling more difficult. Would we be better off putting in at Cold Spring and taking out after the Bear Mountain Bridge, and if so, is there a takeout on the east side of the river?

Any help much appreciated!

Not many options on the West shore
I can’t think of any “open to the public” access points on the West shore until you get all the way down to Haverstraw.

There is a ramp at the Highland Falls marina, but I’m not sure how amiable they would be to having a group use it. The marina was virtually deserted last weekend when I paddled past.

You could conceivably take out at Bear Mt Park just south of the bridge, but it would be an ugly carry to the closest parking.

You cannot land unannounced at West Point. I’ve never tried to ask for permission, and I don’t know anyone that lands or launches there.

On the East Shore the closest “official” public launch is in Peekskill at the Annsville Paddle Center.

Cold Spring to Peekskill is one of my favorite stretches of river. If you want to paddle in that area that would be my suggestion.

It’s a fair distance, and you don’t want to do it against the current, so pick your date and launch time to use the current to your advantage.

East shore
Put in Beacon Waterfront Park

Paddle past Pollopel Island and the Bannerman’s Island Arsenal ruins

down to World’s End around Constitution Island and back to take out at Cold Spring.

Cold Spring
Foundry Cove in Cold Spring would be closest to West Point. 3-4 parking spots weekdays. Metro North Lot weekends.

Theoretically you could put in at Pollepel Creek but the carry could be a bear.

See you on the water,


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Thanks all!
We will probably take Cliff’s suggestion. Your suggestions were all much appreciated!