hudson river

HELLO FOLKS … those of you in the vicinity of Saugerties new york … 12477…

Offers two great launch sites… glasco ny just S of saugerties… And Malden on Hudson just N of saugerties… each week sunday morning 9am malden group launches… winter no exception… unless its total ICE… ugh… C saugerties light house web site and live CAM for Great Hudson River links and news…

echo off

Tina Chorvas Waterfront Park

or at river’s edge along the Saugerties Lighthouse trail.

Personally I’ll continue to use our parents’ boathouse directly across from Tina Chorvas.

I’m 90 minutes away
This sounds fun, particularly as all my local lakes are frozen solid. Do you have any skill/gear requirements? I am an intermediate paddler (no roll, but can self-rescue), i wear a dry suit for winter, and would be paddling a Necky Manitou 13 (rear bulkhead only).

I would love to join some weekend. I know some groups require 15" or longer boats, but I cannot rehab my latest purchase until Spring (warm weather for new seals).

Check out this group

thank you
I will have to find some way to join you on a Saturday. It is a tougher day due to a standing family commitment.

I’ve paddled from Kingston one other time (Spring 2012 Kayak Festival) and it was a fantastic experience. I look forward to seeing the winter landscape.