Huge mesh bags

Anyone find a great supplier of massive, large,

mesh gear bags with a zipper ?

Something like this

Try CampMor

duck decoy bag

No zipper though. Drawstring. At that size, zipper or drawstring makes no differnece, 'cept the drawstring is simpler.

My 3 Campmor mesh bags have lasted at least 6 or 7 years, used for kayak gear and camping equipment (good for wet tents and ground cloths as well as wet paddling gear).

There are those el-cheapo plastic mesh bags used to carry soccer balls, etc., just type ‘mesh duffel’ at amazon. They’re not hard to track down, but why not buy from Campmor?

Dive shops
Usually have a variety of mesh bags, including ones with backpack straps. That’s what I used to use for portaging gear stored in kayak hatches.

second the dive shop
I have a huge mesh backpack from my dive days…years ago…they are still in any scuba shop.

After some twenty years I am pleased the zippers still slide smoothly. They are pretty well designed not to get gunked up with salt.