Huge Thanks to Rookie...!

Huge thanks to Rookie for helping me figure out how to update my profile on this new version of P-net…

This after having to contact support over the weekend simply to figure out how to sign in under my old user name…

Sure do wish someone had run a public beta to work out the kinks beforehand instead of making those of us interested in sticking around having to rely on friends that have already mostly/kinda/sorta/hopefuly figured it out…

For us long time users it’s very much like entering strange new waters…


Haha! SO glad to see you here, Bill! Missed you! That’s a very sexy kayak in your profile photo. That Lumpy paddle’s pretty nice too, but I have one of those thanks to you. :slight_smile:

I have to wonder how many other missing voices wrestled with the issues of the new site before giving up - especially those using Apple’s iOS. I’d still be locked out on my iPad were it not for bookmarking

We can talk. I used to be Kudzu but I got so rattled by all the changes that I found it easier just to change my name to Rex. Good to see you here!

Yeah, I mostly use an iPad and couldn’t get to the forums at all, initially. Like Rookie, I bookmarked the site.

Hey Kudzu…

Thought that was you…!


I was getting the run around trying to get on the forums with my tablets and phone, but for some reason if I logged in twice I was able to access everything, Even then I had to look down the page to find it. Just logging in is a nebulous exercise, because there is no actual response when you click in on “log in”, None of this should be difficult to fix if someone would just do it. But if this clunker is their way of winnowing down the participants, I think it’s working.

I thought it was just me. I now have to search for forums to see the posting boards (no longer visible under community). Also, I was unable to access my old username, so I started over with a new one. I love P’Net and appreciate some of the new features such as photos. Perhaps we should add a “Problems and Solutions” thread to address some of these issues.

I can’t get my phone to log in! :’(


Forget about the home page and try this:
You can get into the message boards using Try to respond to a message - you should be asked to log in or sign up. Log in then bookmark - and never log out.

Yeah, its convoluted and a PITA, but hopefully will work. I don’t know why this issue hasn’t been addressed and fixed.


@abz said:
“Perhaps we should add a “Problems and Solutions” thread to address some of these issues.”

That’s a great idea… !

If someone else hasn’t started this thread soon, I will do it and hopefully the caretakers will take notice…