Hugh gator suspected of eating livestock near Ockeechobee

Here are a few photos from an article about a 13’ 4" long, 905 pound, 80-year-old gator taken near Okeechobee. There are extensive cattle and dairy farms in the area and livestock had been going missing.

Gator got to do what Gators do

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Haha. That last photo looked manipulated in Photoshop because it looks as if the gator is standing next to him. Then I opened the news link and saw the critter was being hauled in a set of chains.

Seeing the photos of that monster makes me appreciative of our cold Great Lakes winters.


When they get over 10’ long they really start to put on weight. The FL record is 14’ plus. The highest weight is just over 1,000 pounds. They are truly apex predators at that size.

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Why blame it on Hugh? I bet it was Melvin.

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You might be right… :thinking:

Well that’s good. But I got to tell you there have been others. They took a 800# gator off the Tokoi-fish camp, St John’s county. Decades ago they cleaned out and 800# gator out of the Moody AFB lake, Valdosta, when I was there.

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Why do gators
like kayaks?
They are crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle.


Don’t lay down in a canoe! It looks too much like a hotdog in a bun…with mustard if wearing a yellow PFD.

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Did not know alligators can live that long. It’s scary, but I sorta feel like if it made it to 80 it should get the chance to make it to 100.

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