Huki S1-R vs Futura II

The responses to my last post-Surfski Reality Check-all seemed to indicate that moving up to a ski should be no problem. Now, which boat? I’m definitely wanting to start with a stable ski. Everyone and every review says the FuturaII is as stable as they come, so that is an option. However, some of the responses got me looking at and liking the Huki S1-R. Surfski rates it at a 6 out of 6 for stability. I read a FuturaII review on this site from someone who tried an Epic V10L and finally got tired of falling off and ended up buying the Futura. I’d like to get the right ski from the start, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Have a number of friends who started out on the Futura II, moving quickly beyond this boat and into 'true' skis. They still own their boats-keeping them as guest boats, or boats to keep at alternate locations. This is in no way, shape, or form a slur on the Futura II, it simply is closer to a sea kayak in speed and stability/behavior than a ski. It is very, very stable, even in comparison to your more 'stable' skis, such as the S1-R, the Mako XT, etc. If I recall, you'll be paddling mainly on calm water-falling out will not be an issue in this boat, and the SOT configuration makes it a non event even if you do. It's overstern ruddered. In the event you do decide to go looking for waves, wakes, and anything else to ride, an overstern will ventilate (hang free of the water) on a swell where an understern will not, dramatically decreasing control. A number of the Futura IIs have also been plagued with leaking difficulties-hopefully, that's been remedied now.

I'm a huge fan of the Huki S1-R (I own one.). Jude's boats are extremely well crafted (Futura's S1-Rs and S1-Xs are built by Jude.), and the design is a wonderful mix of stability, maneuverability, and reasonable speed. You can swap out the rudder in 30 seconds or less for an added measure of speed, or even switch to a kickup overstern in a a little bit more time for weed choked waterways. I'd rather be in this in conditions than any other boat I own save my tandem. If there's any criticism I could levy, it would be that the the hump between seat and footwell can impede leg drive, depending on the size of your thighs, and the standard seat is a bit too narrow for most (even the 'wide' seat is not cavernous.

Personally, I'd walk right by the Futura II. Do not pass 'Go', do not collect $ To compare, I put a friend in a V10 Sport-he fell out almost immediately, before shakily wobbling off. We then put him in the S1-R, he paddled off immediately, putting the power down smoothly within five minutes.

It really is that good a boat.

…daja vu
…all over again?

Lars said you were at the show? missed ya, we got there late…

all I can add to Mark’s comments is I started in the FII and loved the boat- it is still going strong by someone else But, compraed to the 'real" skis" there is more speed (though in capable hands the FII is no slug)and expect to swim in the other boats…

As well, the price of the “real skis” are going to more than any(most) FII- some people let the FII go for under a grand- I don’t see many real boats for that…just my opinion, just my opinion, just my…


Sorry I Missed You
Not to hijack a thread, but thought I might have seen Ray (and you?) turning towards the center, S1-X on the roof as we were heading back towards the highway? Bummer. I was originally supposed to ferry Ray’s S1-X back to the W Man to add to his considerable stable.

Jim still has his Futura II, bashed and battered as it is in the carbon layup (He uses this and the V10 Sport to ply the waters of New York Harbor, where you really don’t want to swim. :wink: That boat made it through a couple of Blackburns, L2L, Soundwaters, Mayor’s Cup races, AND the Housatonic downriver race. Sean’s Futura II (the older model sans venturis) has also made it around Cape Ann a number of times. Was yours red or gray? If it was a red one, I know where it is. They are good boats-decent transition from SINK to ski. With the more stable crop of beginner skis, the leap from sea kayak to ski involves much less swimming.

Didn’t make it out today, but was out yesterday morning in a Fenn Elite. Whoohoo, that thing is fast. That’s another quantum leap up in terms of balance skills.


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that was us- Ray still has not sold the S1X. He brought up to the show because some guy Vadim" was to check it out, but was a no show.

My FII was the grey one- Ray bought last summer and painted it white- it's a good boat too, having msde it out from underneath the barge at the start of the Mayor's Cup !!!!!!!! Ray still has the battle scars on the hull to prove it (nice orange streaks).

To the orginal poster- where are you located? You may have a chance to paddle the boats you are interesed in. Ray would gladly bring the FII anywhere we paddle to let soneone test drive.There is a women with a S1R that shows up and would let that be driven.


Huki S1-R vs Futura II
I’m in Wisconsin, so I’m prety much reliant on feedback from the coasts. But, it would be great to try before I buy.

MIPP yahoo group
you should post there- we’re all mostly in MN or WI. Many skis there. There are a few people in WI who will be happy to let you try boats.