Huki S1R

Would like some feedback on the Huki S1R. I am currently using a Nemo seakayak for racing and am considering the Huki for for speed. Any suggestions as to rudders, and other available options from those who have tried or own the Hukis1r would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Huki S1R
I haven’t paddled the S1R, but have a friend who has for several months, and:

  • Flatwater Speed is pretty good, about 2-3% slower than the EFT.

    This is definitely not the fastest ski out there, the V10 Sport is

    prob faster on the flats.
  • Surfing is incredible, you just catch waves and wakes.
  • Turning is strong and very controlled.
  • Stability is fine, and is pretty easy to adapt to.
  • If racing is your goal, this is a good starter boat for open water.
  • The single footwell is advised.
  • Build quality is excellent.
  • The different rudder options help. On flat water, the smaller rudder is

    noticeably faster.

Huki S1R

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Thanks greg a lot to think about 2-3% slower than EFT doesn't seem much faster than my Nemo. I guess the differences in boats is more about the engine.

I would be that friend. Have owned my R for just over a year now. All Greg said was accurate. Have never paddled a Nemo but as it’s placed somewhere in the FSK category, and based on results of comparable paddlers in races in the area, it’s probably a tick or two off in speed compared to something like an 18x. The EFT is faster, but with the recent swing towards Sound Rowers’ classification, the EFT gets bumped to Unlimited class.

Now the R. Updating my review:

I still love this boat. It’s light, fast, and extremely maneuverable. If flat out speed is what you want, it’s probably a bit faster than your Nemo, but sheer flatwater speed is certainly not its forte. My EFT is a great boat, but it’s collecting dust as the R is so much fun to paddle, and quick changeovers to different rudders do affect its speed-I have the 4", 7", 8" and the carbon kickup rudder that Pat at Onnopaddles makes for Huki.

If you like big water, this is your boat-it loves messy, confused conditions where the other longer, faster skis with less rocker can become a handful. No worries about rolling if you capsize either-just climb back on. This, in and of itself, is a strong selling point of a ski versus a SINK. Many of here in the NE paddle all winter long, and as the saying goes: ‘There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.’ :wink: With a drysuit it’s not even an issue.

Since you’re looking in the beginner-intermediate range of skis, speedwise on flat water, I’d rate them in ascending order from slower to faster, keeping in mind that paddler weight will affect the waterline. Fenn Mako XT, S1-R, Epic V10 Sport(by a hair), Think Evo. The last three skis are closely grouped. I’d go for a single footwell if you order new-affords much better rotation-and adjustable pedals as well.

'Hope this helps.

thanks. great info. I’m 5’8" 150# Hope I’m not too light for the huki.

another boat to look at…
Bruce Gibson, Venturesport, is now selling the Honcho intermediate ski. I’ve heard it is pretty fast and stable. I understand it is designed for a lighter paddler. Like the XT, it is a little heavy. He has several at VERY reduces prices. This would allow you to see if skis are for you and not get hurt.

I second Trib’s thoughts. The XT is a lot more stable, and it’s pretty fast with a lighter paddler on it. The Evo is the most comfortable (for me), the Sport picks up waves the best and the Evo is slightly faster on the flats. I keep reading the S1R is a great boat. I looked into their Special but swallowed hard upon reading the sticker for the boat I wanted. The Huki’s are beautiful boats.

Good luck on the hunt! Hard to go wrong.


thanks for all your help and suggestions. I can see there is really not much difference in the boats mentioned. speed wise anyway.

Rich, I know someone who is gonna
be worried if you get that boat … LOL.

… you could even ‘take him out’ pirate style on the water and drop his rudder I am sending over onto the S1-R.

I know you can handle these boats no prob Rich … go for it !!! The S1-R lets you ‘attack’ the bumps. If you have your seabutt in the Nemo, the switch over is nothing.