Hull-a-Port Almost Disaster

Leaving for vacation shortly and noticed a crack in Hull-a-port support that holds it to the rack. Took them off, so I guess no kayaks will be making the trip this time. Thankfully averted a “Flying Boat” story. I don’t tend to check them closely except when I go on long trips, I will check them closer and more frequently in the future. When I get back, I need to see if Thule has a replacement for the piece of crap. If you see a light gold colored Ford Escape with a cream colored MRC Explorer heading west, wave! WW

Thanks for posting
Where was the crack?

I’ll make sure to check mine regularly even though I take them on and off almost every other week.

I agree with you that they are crap.

I replaced every bit of their hardware and bolted them through my Yakima Bars.



Glad you caught it!
So sorry it can’t make the trip with you - glad you diverted a potential disaster! Have fun anyway :slight_smile:


waste of $130, glad I just ordered malones…

In four years
I’ve not had a bit of trouble with mine.

Your problem underscores the importance
of USING bow and strean lines then haulling kayaks. With the lines even if it broke lose the yaks would stay put. Take them to the dealer and see what they can do for you.