Hull-a-Port Pros vs Malone Downloaders

Greetings All,

Any opinions on the Thule Hull-a-Port Pros vs Malone Downloaders? Looking for folding J racks - these seem to be the best ones out there?

I like the Thules since they fold pretty flat, but hate having their name all over stuff (is the padding held on w/ velcro?)

I like the Malones because they are lower priced, but not a fan that their ramp sticks up so much when the cradle is folded.

Any other additional perspectives?

Thanks in advance!,


I can’t speak for the Malones, but I very much like the Hull-A-Port pros. I like the way they fold flat (well, almost) and don’t really care about the Thule name splattered all over it. They were well worth the money.

Black out the whIte lettering if you feel so motivated., on the Thule pads. The units work great. I add a small 2"x4" rectangle of self stick mini cell foam to the rubber base So if there’s sand on the hull it goes into the minicell rather than the hull. Rotate the foam inside the tube pad if it starts to feel like it’s thinning from use (I use mine daily) and a little 303 protectant on the nylon pad covers helps prolong the black color and fabric integrity.

Can’t speak to the Malones.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Hull a port
Work great - I transport my boat several thousand miles every season. No problems at all. I use the bow and stern lines which have a rachet type adjuster that is quick and easy to use. Well made product.

Also easy to remove for when I go to areas where I fear theft.

Been using Malone products for years, but, don’t have their fold-down. The boarding ramp is a great loading feature over the Thule. All I can say is if your’e looking for outstanding long term customer service and great products, Malone is the way to go.

Very satisfied.