Hull and Keel>> update question

I think I will just mellow out about the abrasions and use the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There is one area in the stern that has a tiny bit of daylight showing through. However it is not leaking and I suppose I could patch that up with the Epoxy kit I have. Its nothing like some of the damage pictures featured in Sea Kayaking magazine. Does that sound about right for the daylight worn area I am talking about. By the way thanks for everyone’s help regarding keel protection.

Not sure if I did the right thing
I bought a 9 year old Explorer and in the process of trying to eliminate a small leak somewhere around the skeg box. I noticed the daylight and rather than hit it from the outside I did an end/keel pour. I tilted the boat to just the right angle to have a small pool in the v around the skeg box and behind to the stern. Can’t hurt and weighs next to nothing.

Still have the leak but not enough to take the time from paddling. It almost has to be where the hose meets the box but i replaced that already ???

what are you suggesting in my case then
Are you saying I should just leave it alone or what.

what boat?
Canoe, kayak? made of what?

Bill H.

will shine thru anywhere the gelcoat is worn off. It’s like having a compartment interior light so you can see your stuff inside there. :wink:

don’t worry unless there are broken fibers involved. a proper keel strip is the bomber repair. Gelcoat replacement next and EZ fix- Marine Tex.


thanks man
I like the interior light “glass half full kinda thing” good attitude. So basically it sounds like no worries and the more of those I get in the future just think about putting on a keel strip like that featured on Atlantic Kayak Tours website.