hull color suggestions

Am noodling over the idea of ordering a Placid Boat Works pack canoe, for short outings on slow rivers or calm ponds. And I would probably go with one of the standard colors (all are of a chromatic spectrum; no white offered).

This could be a really dumb question, but, heck, I am an outsider – very unfamiliar with the paddling ethos. So, here goes: What color hull should I opt for?

My experience with marine fiberglass boats always says go with white. It does not fade; scrapes and gouges remain whitish and easy to fill with white. But this is a different world I am trying to learn about. So, I appeal to knowledgeable and experienced paddlers here.

The lower hull (where most of the scuffs and scratches occur) of all the Placid boats are white anyway, so shouldn’t be a problem. Color choice is a personal thing, but one factor could be resale value and almost every Placid Boat that has come up used over the last few years has been either the green or maroon tinted hull (although there is a blue one on C-List now).

Amethyst would be me but I would get the color you like not someone else idea of correct.

I give preference to visibility. This is important on the water to avoid being hit by a fast careless boater, or if you ever needed to be spotted from the air by SAR. Same thing when your boat is in camp. A bright colour that contrasts with trees, rocks, etc. can help rescuers find you more easily.

I love the look of a black boat, not to mention black drysuits. But I’d likely never own either for the reasons above.

If none of this is of concern to you, go with the prettier one.

Make the outside your favorite color, but always make the inside non-glaring, say, gray or dull green, in the flattest finish available. You’ll be getting enough glare off the water; no need for more from the boat.

I remember my dad’s Grumman; the bottom of the inside was flat gray, in a sand paint. I don’t recall if it came that way or if he painted it. He painted the outside turquoise.

I 'm thinking fluorescent green. With flames along the water line. Ok maybe not. It really doesn’t matter. But you’d be the talk of the Town.