Hull Deformation

Hi all,

I finally have taken the cover off of my kayak. I have a Dagger Calysto EXL that I had to store outside this past winter as the garage was being worked on. I had it on two saw horses, and when I took the cover off last night, noticed that there are two deformations in the hull from being on the saw horses. Is this normal? Can I do something to reform the bottom of the hull? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Put it
upside down in the sun.

easy to fix
Wait for the next sunny hot day, turn the boat over in the sunlight (so that the dents are facing the sun), and when the plastic is warmed up, press the dents back out with your hand. You can bypass the process by heating the area with a high wattage light bulb or hair dryer if you want to, but I think the even warming of the sun makes for an easier and more predictable process.

And next winter, invest in some webbing slings to hang the boat on its side or make some J-cradles out of plywood. Plastic boats should only be stored/supported on their sides if you want to avoid the ‘wows’.

Hull Deformation
Thank You for all the replys. i will give all your suggestions a try!


Roger… For future referance…
Read your manual that came with the boat. It should say under the “storing & transporting” section:

Store & transport your kayak on it’s deck or side.

That should save you from hull deformation. The deck is a quick fix for deformation & not as devistating as to a hull.

I have stored mine this way for 4 years & no deformations or problems… I hang it upside down, I transported it upside down, now I have stackers & transport it on it’s side & store it on it’s stern (due to lack of space).

Paddle easy,



thanks for the insight. i bought the kayak used so there was no manual. i am going to make some j-hook adapters so i can keep it on it’s side, as well as inside my garage.