Hull discoloration on 2 yo royalex canoe

I recently noticed two long narrow areas of discoloration on the hull of my Wenonah Vagabond. They don’t appear to be scrapes. I have been guilty of leaving it under the house resting on sand, although it now is hoisted under the carport. Could this be the cause?



Is it dryed out?
Royalex will discolor when left sitting against a wet object for a long time. After it dries out, the discoloration goes away.

I always sorta figured it can’t be too good for it …

Not enough info
Any long streaks of discoloration on my boats are normally due to scraping against downed trees - doing so leaves black streaks. However, without any comments describing the streaks, their color, location, and possible relationship to contact points with the ground or other stuff during storage, I can’t imagine someone being able to answer this.

Thanks Clarion!
Who knew? I noticed it when I went to get the boat from under the house for a trip last week, then when I came home it went directly on the hoist from the top of the car. I went out a while ago to lower it onto the car for tomorrow morning, and wahla(sp?) all gone. Your a genius;-)

Appreciate your insight,


seems like it was
answered by Clarion, and successfully at that. My input is I believe Wahla is actually spelled voila’, or maybe viola…nah, go with voila’, the others a big violin!

Man, I couldn’t live with hull discoloration…Haw :-).

Daggermat, you’re right
I was apparently having a senior moment where I wasn’t able to pull up the info LOL…There are wonderful things about getting old, unfortunately that’s not one of them.


sometimes my brain
goes south, too. I call that a senor moment :-).

you’re welcome
But I’m no genius. I’ve just done a lot of stuff wrong at least the first time, and usually more :slight_smile: