Hull repair for a kayak

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Does anyone have any information or address of a helpful link for hull repair. I have a Pungo 120 kayak and went down the Cahaba River, home of the rare Cahaba Lily, and punctured a small hole the size of a pencil eraser. I've never had to repair the hull before. I'd like to patch it and then put a gelcoat on it. Do any of you have some suggestions?

Gelcoat?!? Thought Pungos were plastic.

And from the Wilderness site, it appears
Pungos are rotomolded plastic. I suggest that you have a knowledgable local dealer of rotomolded boats tell you some ways the hole can be fixed. Many rotomolded boats can be fixed, and a small hole might be fixed with the kind of melt-in sticks used for some ski repairs.

If you can get at the inside of the hole, you can clean and lightly sand the surface, and then apply several layers of quality duct tape. Finally, iron it on with a hot iron. (I would suggest a mid-range temperature.) This kind of patch will last a good while before needed to be renewed.

contact wilderness systems, they will send you some plastic shavings to melt and insert into the hole, or go back to your local dealer andlook inside a new yak there’s usually “shavings” left in the bottom

thanks for help guys

dang man…
I wish I’d been there… Oh wait, I was! Call me if I can help. Maybe Grey at Alabama small boats has some helpful hints.