hull repair tape

Duct tape is great stuff but doesn’t stick to wet surfaces. What have you found to replace it for gaffer tape, gear repair and hull patch in the wet? What do Navy Seals carry? What’s in your overboard bag?

Duct tape

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Navy Seals carry Marine Corps Green Duct tape. Sail repair tape will stick to a wet surface. VF

Denso tape

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Nasty sticky stuff that allows you to do small on water repairs. Great to have easily accessible for the wack in a rock garden, etc.

Sail repair tape:

Hippo Patch
Never tried it but it was discussed either here or on Paddlewise as a cleaner alternative to Denso Tape. From info on website it looks like it would be perfect for kayak repairs.


hippo link…

Sounds like good stuff. Anybody use this yet?

Plenty of room for improvement over
duct tape. But, I would not try to apply ANY tape until I have the surface completely dry. Why take chances? It’s not that hard to get the damaged portion out of the rain, and to rub it briskly with a dry piece of cloth so that it is dry.

Yes…drying is always a good idea…
…but on occasion an on water repair may be necessary and that’s what Denso tape is for and has a history of doing just that. Calling it tape is kind of a misnomer–more a fiber contained gooy mess, but it works very well and the edges can be smoothed/tapered out to lessen the chances of it getting rubbed/knocked off. I’ve got a pair of nitrile gloves in my little on-water repair kit in case I have to use the stuff and can get the gloves on.

Some guys have had this stay on their boat months before getting around to fixing the damage, and the Denso stays on. A group of us used some a couple of months ago after getting a boat knocked around in a rockgarden off the WA coast.

100 mile an hour tape :slight_smile:

Gorilla Tape?
Anybody tried it?


Duct Tape
I take a good quality duct tape. The hull does need to dry first. It’s always worked for me.

However, if I was doing some really isolated, long trip I’d consider taking some Rec’Repair Patches.

Got Hippo
After using it to fix the flashing on my stone chimney (and painted over it) now carry it in my kit and a pack goes along with every new kayak from The River Connection. Hopefully they’ll never need to use it on their boat.

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY

Other uses for Hippo or similar tapes ??
I have never seen or used some of these products being discussed outside of duct tape, but following this thread got me wondering if any of these tapes actually could be used as a keel strip on a boat?

Has anyone tried this tape?

They sell small size tubes and patches great for a repair kit. Looks like it will stick to composite and plastic boats.

‘dry and warm’…
…aren’t conditions that I encounter a great deal when kayaking.

I also find that emergency boat repair at sea is usually not dry and warm.