hull repair

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..really hate to ask this cause I've seen it a few times before but can't find it in the archives.
Was down at the barn this afternoon and found damage,about 3" square, on the hull of my OT Adventure XL. It is almost through the first layer, however doesn't show up on the inside.(good thing, I'm thinkin'). The Old Town site lists a repair kit, but it looks suspiciously like the 2 part epoxy resin glue stuff in a syringe that is available in most hardware stores.
Was thinking on trying it, but thought I would ask what others have used and liked. No rush for replies as will be another month and a half before the ice is off the river.

I would pay for the OT kit, because
true epoxy is not going to stick to that poly sandwich they use. I imagine they are either using a super-sticky polyurethane, or are having you heat on some sort of polyethelene patch.

right stuff…
…by OT is the way I was leaning too. It’s only about $10.00 for the kit and looks like plastic in a can that you squeeze over the wound and smooth off.

…Anythang ya cain’t repar wif Duct Tape, don’ NEED Repar!

Badge of honor…keep it and move on to the next War Wound…

never leave …
…home without the stuff.