Hull saddle vs J cradle

My wife just got our first composite kayak (Impex Mystic in Carbon/Kevlar, she loves it) and I was wondering if the Malone AutoLoader J cradles that we have been using for our RM kayaks are the best choice for this new boat. It seems to me that a lot of composite kayaks are hauled with the hull saddles and the kayak riding upright rather than on it’s side with the J cradles.

Is there a benefit for us to transport the Mystic on one or the other? Should I try to pad the Malone J cradle with the Mystic, since the cradle is a fairly hard plastic construction with no padding to speak of.

Thanks for any advice!

Js are fine
Kayaks are, usually, strongest on their sides, composite boats included.

Your boat will survive without padding, mine have.

J racks are easier on your boats
for the reasons stated above, but saddle racks are easier on your back because you don’t have to lift as high and you can slide the kayaks on from the rear of your car.

my saddle
Seems to tilt up into a J as I load or unload the boat, giving me a lift/placement advantage. Just something to consider when you look at saddles.

I have a pair if Yakima Bowdown J-cradle carriers on my 4Runner and use these when transporting two kayaks, usually when my wife joins me.

When kayaking alone I find at my height (5’7") and having a slightly lifted truck that it is hard for me to get my kayak in my J-cradle myself. I also have a set of Marco kayak saddles installed on the roof between the two sets of Bowdowns. It is much easier for me to load and unload (especially my longer Nordkapp RM) using this set-up when alone.

Thanks for all the input. I wants to make sure I would not damage the new boat with the racks I have.