hull shape

I want to buy a new canoe and I am not sure what hull shape would be best for us.

We are in our late 50’s and want a kevlar 15’ canoe.

Weight is important and we do most our canoeing on lakes and small streams as day trips.

Flat bottom or a shallow arch come to mind.Would like some advice! Thank you.

Stay away from absolutely flat bottoms.
Also, add a foot to your target boat. Though, if you insist on a fifteen footer, I believe the Bell Morningstar would suit. Check their site.

Some questions to guide your search:

How often do you go over rocks and beat up the bottom of your boat?

How comfy are you in the water, what are the water temps when you paddle?

Is boat storage length important?

How important is weight vs cost?

If willing to spend $1500 for a nice hull in kevlar with skincoat, not made for hard rock abuse, 16’, maybe 45 lbs is workable. Check the high end production boat vendors in the buyers guide or product reviews.

Read the Buyers guide for design characteristics that fit your needs.

Stay away from flat bottoms. Look for some rocker and slightly rounded bottom.