Hullaport vs Kayak Stacker?

I posted this as “Racking on a PT Cruiser” and realize that most of my posting is non-Cruiser specific… Help would be appreciated, even from non-PT drivers! :slight_smile:


I have a basic Thule rack on my PT (feet and bars) and we carry two Pungoes on it upside down and cinched down really tight with cam straps. We usually just transport the boats locally at low speeds but have occasionally had them up to 70 mph with no shifting.

I’ll admit it does make me a bit nervous though, so I started looking at better options.

Hullaports look the safest, but I’d have to lift the boats a fair bit higher to get them up there. Also, those awful looking J racks would be there all the time, and I wonder if they would add to the already intrusive wind noise.

The Kayak Stacker is about half the cost, and folds flat when not in use, which is nice. Looks like it would be harder to get the boats up in position though, and get the straps over them.

Any suggestions/alternatives?

Final question specifically for PT owners: Where do you anchor bow and stern lines? I admit I’ve never used them, although I know I should…The PT bumpers don’t seem to have any good safe attachment points.

We use a Yakima system
Nothing fancy- two of Yakima’s widest bars tightened down on the Suburban factory roof rack. In the center of each bar is an old Yakima folding Kayak Stacker(???). About 8 inches in from each side is a new style Kayak stacker (?? Well new when I bought it) that is a straight pole with two plastic hooks on top. The new ones do not fold, but due to the clever design of the Yakima system wherein there is no way to keep the bars from rotating, we just grab the top of the stacker and pull it horizontal.

This basic setup is used to transport 6 boats- all cinched down with NRS straps. Sometimes depending on how they are loaded I run a bow strap down to the front bumper on the longer boats. The most we have had up there is 14 boats- 6 on the bottom 6 in the middle and 2 on top. Now we use a trailer. For scientific purposes we have tested many different configurations at speeds up too 100mph for hours at a time.

dang 14 boats on a suburban…
And I thought I had good packing skills… You’re the King!

You don’t have to have the hull-a- ports
sticking up all the time you canjust roll them down flat on the roof. Thats all I do.