Hullavator 897xt Installation Tips?

Does anyone care to offer any advice/tips on installing the Hullavator? I am using a square aftermarket Mopar OEM load bar. I already know this bar is too big and may force me to bend or modify the clamp set-up. Thanks in advance

Not going to work.
The Hullavator must be position on a rack so that it overhangs the tower. Thule states that the end of the crossbar must extend at least 4" but no more than 8" from the outside of the tower. In every Mopar rack I’ve seen, the tower is the terminus of the crossbar.

Why is having longer crossbars necessary? First time you put the Hullavator in the down position you’ll find out. It will slam into the side of your vehicle.

This one overhangs
Check this link:

Not the front to back track that bike is sitting on, but the load bar that you can see under the rear bike tire. The bar extends almost (3 3/4") 4 inches.

That being said, is it still a no go?

Thule wouldn’t endorse it,
but if you could scootch the bar out past the tower to at least the 4" mark you’d satisfy one of the minimum clearances. Not enough detail in the picture to determine it. Go to the Thule website and look up the Instructional Manual on the Hull-a-Vator.

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Other than a slight bend to the clamps, everything else went by spec. No need to scooch load bars even. Guess I had the 4" where it counted :wink:

Works like a charm. One arm’s a little squeaky, but I guess the squeaky arm will get the grease…

Now the new question: is the Hullavator compatible with the 871 Fairing? Load bars (rectangular) are slightly larger than Thule’s (hence the slight clamp bend). These load bars are NOISY!

Thanks for the input.