Hullavator a good idea?

My husband and I are in late 50s and regularly kayak in Ocean Kayak Prowlers (60lb each). We have beent putting them on top of our Montana, but is pretty hard. We thought about buying the Hullavator, but the website doesn’t mention being able to use for 2 kayaks and at $400 you would hate to buy 2 (assuming the care could fit 2 on top). Has anyone had any experience with this product and can you use it for 2 kayaks on a Montana (GMC minivan).

The Hullavator is for one kayak.
It is for one kayak. It is a great product, but there are some issues with it. You might want to do a search of this message board to read about it before you buy the Hullavator. Thule has had to redesign it in part. I am waiting for the free replacement of my earlier Hullavator. It is due in January.

Great device
First year out saw a few bugs that the Jan. redesign has addressed. You would definitely require 2 for your kayaks. Cost is going to be about $900 for the 2 (remember if your kayak doesn’t get to the water it’s just a planter). The other option would be to get a small 2 boat trailer from Trailex. They ship to your door via UPS and are quite easy to put together, weigh very little and don’t rust being that they’re aircraft aluminum.

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Roller Loader
When my wife and I had heavy plastic kayaks, we used Thule cross bars and a gadget called a Roller Loader, which worked very well for us. To load the kayaks, we used the Roller Loader twice, first for one kayak and then for the other. In addition to the Roller Loader, we put a towel on the wind deflecter in case a kayak ‘bottomed’ on the deflecter. Try it; you’ll like it.

Buy the Hullavators!!!

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Being both of middle age and wanting to save our backs for paddling, my wife and I bought two Hullavators this past August. Best purchase we've made yet aside from the 38lb. boats. We use them on our Chrysler minivan and they make loading and unloading a breeze. No more dreading the process of getting the boats on the car. No more excuses for not paddling. Sure, there have been a few quirks, but we've learned how to deal with them. I would not let that stop you.