Hullavator help.

I am trying to problem solve how to load a KAYAK onto the hullavator from the ground to the waiting arms. Due to a shoulder injury I need to do this with one arm. Once the kayak is on I have no problem moving the apparatus to the car top. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

What does the kayak weigh and how long is it?

Lift one end of the kayak onto a hullavator arm close enough to strap it on so that end won’t fall out. The strap won’t be tight enough yet, but will support that end while you pick up the other end and place it into the other hullavator arm. Strap that end as well and then adjust both straps properly.

I know that the Hullavator takes a lot of the kayak’s weight - I have two of them - but you’re still going to need both arms and shoulders to start lifting the boat up.

Will your injury allow you to do that?

Thanks, sounds like that would work quite well.

Personally I think your bigger problem is getting it down one handed. I have no idea how I could do that. Unless you would normally be paddling in a situation whre some could help getting it down, and your biggest issue is loading it at home?

Getting it loaded is quite doable. I have done the one end in at a time thing more than once when my back was telling me to take it easy. It works. Only caution is to get a blanket between the back of the arm most likely to move and the car. Doing it one end at a time will make the arms swing to their maximum mobility.

If you ase flexible enough. all you need to do to get it started is crouch under it and shove up with your shoulders under the boat. I suspect a lot of the guys can’t do this, but if you can crouch down there it is pretty easy to get it up to the point where the Hullivator is carrying its 45 pounds. I almost never use my arms to start it up. Just do the crouch and stand thing.

As has been asked before, kayak weight? Also what make & model car? I know of an (ahem) Rackification MacGyver that could contribute $0.02 to the fix.

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Depends…upon arm spread of the hullivator…size of boat.

Typically you’d lift one end to the rack then the other. But what happens at the other end of the trip. Unloading and paddling do they affect the shoulder?

Of course the best answer is a paddle buddy.

Thanks for all the input. Was able to do it one end at a time.