Hullavator on a Jeep Cherokee

I initially added this as a comment to a post I didn’t realize was 5 years old :woman_facepalming:
I am 4’11 and not super strong. I just installed a used Hullavator pro that I bought on square bars on top of a 2017 Jeep Cherokee (with side rails) so it’s very high up. (I have resigned myself to the fact I will need to keep a step stool in my car lol)

I’ve got a couple questions if anyone doesn’t mind?

  1. Is it normal for the arms to be somewhat difficult to bring down and lift up at the same time or do I just have the crossbars too far apart? (I have them about 20ish inches apart) I am struggling!
  2. This might sound weird…I live in an apartment, where there is a garage. Without a kayak loaded, I JUUUST clear the roof on the way out, but coming in it scrapes. If I made sure the arms were in lock position and strapped in the kayak within an inch of its life, could I conceivably drive sloooowly out of the garage with the arms down, and then lift when I get outside?

I don’t see why that wouldn’t work if the kayak is strapped in securely. But is your garage door wide enough to fit the car plus the kayak along the side? And I assume your Hullavator is on the passenger side - otherwise it will be a pain crawling in.

Hi Wolf,
I have practiced a few times now today and it is definitely getting easier. I’m learning it’s not so much a matter of strength, but more a matter of getting the correct motion. I just put a kayak on it for the first time and had less trouble than I expected getting it up onto the roof :slightly_smiling_face:

I decided to try driving out of the garage with the arms down today and it worked like a charm! My only concern is whether or not it will do damage to the Hullavator. Seemed to be ok though.