Hullavator on Jeep with external rack. How?

We have a 2 door Jeep Wrangler. You basically can’t put a normal rack on this vehicle. (The front roof panels are removable and I don’t think it is safe to do so.) So we have a Garvin rack on it with some Rola Saddles. This, along with a Rhino Rack Universal Side Loader has let us put our sea kayaks. This is often not fun, especially after a long day’s paddle.

So the obvious answer is Hullavator. But how?

I’m not interested, in getting Thule feet and crossbars. This is for two reasons, the first is price and the second is height. As it stands now we’re at 6’ 8" tall without boats and this limits use in some parking garages. Putting feet and crossbars onto our rack would likely get us about the same height but worse, it would put the boats up even higher than they are now.

The roof rack is made of 2" round steel. Can the Hullavator base be mounted to this? I don’t mind drilling holes in the steel if I need to. I prefer not to only because of the difficulty in doing so.

Here’s the next problem. The cross bars are about 5 feet apart from each other. This is great from a stability standpoint but I will not be able to simultaneously unlatch both the front and rear Hullavators an the same time.

And finally, I think the front Hullavator may hit the door mirrors. I guess we could fold them in but they still might hit.

If the round cross bars won’t work. Can I mount Thule cross bars to my side bars without feet? Again, I don’t mind drilling both into the side bars or into the Thule crossbars. (Drilling the side bars is much easier since I can detach them and bring them down into my workshop and use a drill press.)

Hopefully these pictures will help. Thanks!

It is doable but you have to provide the Hullavator Bar Mounts something to clamp to.

All of the following can be explained or installed provided you bring a really good lunch to me at The River Connection. :slight_smile:

You need crossbars of some fashion (Square tube and u-bolts) that the bar mounts can bolt to just as if you were booting down to an aero blade. The bars need to extend 4”-8” beyond the corner of your roof in order to clear the sides of the vehicle. This might be 4” beyond the outer edge of the Cage in your case.

A Hullavator uses 26” of bar space. Take that into consideration.

Knowing your laden overhead clearance is going to be very useful to know.

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