Hullavator Pro on Yakima HD Bars

Has anyone put a Hullavator Pro onto Yakima HD Bars? Yakima support refuses to answer. I’m thinking about Yakima bars since the Yakima HD Bar has a 220lb limit.

Yes, the Thule Square bars have a 220lb limit also but the Crossroad footpack only has 165lb limit. The Yakima Towers have a 220lb limit.


Two ways of answering this. What’s the capacity of your rails? Get the Thule ProBar 69”. Trim to fit with hacksaw if needed.

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I have hullavators on Yakima round bars. I must occasionally straighten the hullavators which can rotate on the round bars, but otherwise all is fine.

As a general rule, if you can’t get anything from support when checking the product out, I would figure they wont support me after a purchase and don’t care.
Maybe I’m getting old and fed up with poor service, but if a company shows a lack of concern about the customers I tend to have no interest in the company. I spend elsewhere.